Features Overview

We grow 10 varieties of peaches (all free stone). All the peaches are picked fresh and sold the day we pick them on the roadside stand on the farm. We start selling peaches in August.

We grow 7 varieties of apples. The day they are picked they are put in the apple cooler and stored at 34 degrees. We brush and bag the apples and also sell apples at the roadside stand. We start selling apples in September.

We also have a 1 acre U-pick raspberry patch. Great experience to come pick your own berries on the farm. Raspberry harvest begins in August. 



Utah provides the ideal conditions for peaches in all their varieties. Our peaches are the freshest and most succulent you could ever possibly find, perfect for preserving, canning, baking, or for immediate fresh consumption. Most varieties only come into season for a few short weeks at a time, so sign up to get regular updates to when your desired variety will be picked and ready to take home.



You will not find fresher, crisper, tastier apples than ours. Hand-picked fresh that day, our apples are sure to amaze you and your family with their deliciousness. Most varieties are only availble for a short time, so signup with our emailing list to get regular updates on when these succulent apples picked and ready to bring home.